Black Cows are one of the most emotionally charged bands I’ve ever heard, in the best way possible. I listen to them whenever I want to relax and let my emotions go - Oskar, Wellington NZ

Album Release Crescent Head

Oh My, what a freaking great weekend. thanks to everyone who attended, played, danced and laughed.

Black Cows go digital

Its taken a bit of time but we have got our sounds up on several platforms now. 

Spotify, iTunes to name two. 

Get your mooooo on and like some of our songs on the apps.

Harvest Moon Festival

Such a privilege to be at the inaugural Harvest Moon Festival hosted by Marty and CJ.

Fantastic tunes from the first to the last notes. 

What a great bunch of humans, generous, talented and caring. What more could a Cow…

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Album Release

Its been a long time coming, three plus years in fact but the long awaited Black Cows debut album "Kinda Human" will be released early spring. The calves will be jumping for joy and the warm spring weather will herald…

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